Perfect for every space

You can chose from a wide range of finishes and styles in order to complete your design project, be it a new project or a complete revamp.

Coming Soon – if you have an existing cast iron or brass grille that you want replicated we can provide a casting and finishing service so that your traditional grille can continue to be used.

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Your dream trench heating grilles in just a few simple steps

  1. 1 Choose product

    You can choose between a wooden, natural aluminium or stainless steel finish, roll-up or ridged. Select your preference and move on…

  2. 2 Select measurements

    It is important that you enter the internal dimensions of the frame in which the grille will be sitting. If you have any questions, please call: 01727 840344

  3. 3 Order online or give us a call

    Ordering your new trench heating grille could not be easier. Enter your contact and payment details, and we will process the order. Alternatively, you are welcome to call us to discuss your order in greater detail.


The Trench Grilles Centre

The Trench Grille Centre recognizes that sometimes it is just the little things that need some attention. Whilst we could supply a whole new trench heating system, often the existing one is working fine or would be too costly to replace. The opportunity to upgrade the finishing touch on your trench heating now exists.

We work with a number of suppliers that have individual attributes to their products – sizes, styles or finish – in order that you do not need to scour the internet looking for what is right for your particular situation.

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