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24 May 2023 Cariad Marketing

Trench heating, a discreet type of heating that can be either water or electrical-based, is an innovative solution for managing heating costs. It involves the excavation of small-ish trenches into the floor, with a convector unit securely placed within the trench to generate the necessary heat. Notably, all trench grille heating systems are finished off with the grille itself.

Trench heating demonstrates remarkable adaptability to meet your heating requirements. It can function in conjunction with other heat sources, like radiators, or operate independently as a primary heat source. Furthermore, its versatility becomes evident when considering the space in which it’s installed. This system can be effortlessly integrated into both commercial and domestic buildings, making it an incredibly versatile heating system that can effectively help reduce heating costs.

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A trench heating system removes the need for traditional radiators and central heating. It frees up your walls where a radiator would normally be fitted and utilises space (under the floors) that otherwise goes unused and unnoticed.

Factors affecting trench heating system cost

Certainly, like most aspects, determining “how much does heating cost per hour” for your trench grille heating system involves considering various factors. These factors encompass the number of rooms where you plan to install the system, room sizes, your choice of grille type, the dimensions of the grille (length and width), and your preferred heating system model. If you’re considering trench heating for a commercial or office space, it’s essential to account for the installation time, as the area will be unusable during this process.

One significant factor, often of utmost importance, is the type and style of the grille. This element remains visible once the system is operational, making it a key aspect to evaluate. The grille’s aesthetics are just as vital as its functionality. Painted grilles are not recommended due to their limited durability, as the paint tends to chip over time. Therefore, materials like wood, stainless steel, and natural aluminium are the most advisable choices.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply a lack of options in terms of aesthetics. You can select the material that best complements your space, and within each material category, there are various finish options available. For instance, among wood types, you can choose from beech, oak, or sapeli, and in the roll-up grilles product line, you’ll find a range of colours like black, gold, and silver. Wooden grilles are an excellent fit for spaces with natural design elements, while metal options are well-suited for corporate or minimalist settings. The grille’s type, width, and length inevitably influence the overall cost of the trench heating system.

To further assist you in determining these costs, you might want to consider using a “heating cost calculator,” which can provide a more precise estimate based on your specific requirements and preferences.

Cost of trench heating

The average price of trench heating will differ greatly due to the high number of variables involved including room size, grille type and size etc. The starting price of trench heating with our product at The Radiator Centre is £646.50 (incl. VAT) but the prices for alternative or replacement grilles are as below, also including VAT:


Roll-Up Double T-Bar

Roll-Up Closed Profile

Natural wood Roll-Up

All of the prices listed above are based on the lowest size we offer on the website (120mm width and 1000mm length). Many of our high quality grilles can also go below or beyond the sizing we offer on our website – simply get in touch with us to get the right size for your requirements.

Cost comparison with alternative heating systems

In the current cost of living crisis, we’re all doing our best to cut costs where we can. You may therefore want to try and find the cheapest way to heat your house or office space. It’s completely understandable as utility bills have been at an all time high this winter and we’ve all felt the pinch.

Trench heating is an excellent investment. There will, of course, be the initial cost of purchase and installation of the system and grille itself. But once it’s installed you will see a very worthy return on investment quite quickly because the system’s energy efficiency makes it incredibly economical to run. The system works rapidly to heat the room using a very small amount of water (in the water based systems) to give a high heat output. This means the system will produce the same amount of heat as an average radiator but only using a fraction of the energy because the amount of water you’re heating is so much smaller, resulting in clear energy savings.

As the trenches are strategically installed around the perimeter of the room, the system can also heat a room much quicker and easier than a radiator can. A radiator will produce heat only from the spot it resides in, leaving the areas of the room furthest from the radiator much cooler, and the room will feel uneven in terms of warmth. Whereas, with the trench heating system surrounding the room, heat is pumped around the entire circumference of it with speed and efficiency. This means that the space will have an even distribution of heat, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of a cosy, warm room.

Another way in which this innovative system has an advantage over alternative heating solutions is that it’s especially good at heating areas that typically allow heat to escape, such as large windows and doors. It works diligently to combat and eliminate draughts that reduce the overall warmth in the room and which would otherwise be the main cause in driving up your central heating bill.

When compared to plug in electrical heaters, there’s a clear winner. A plug in electrical heater can seem like a quick and cheap way to provide some heat into your home and in terms of the initial price, this may be a valid point. However electrical plug in heaters use a huge amount of electricity and prove inefficient in converting the energy it’s using into heat. Therefore, although it may be cheap to initially buy, this isn’t where the spending stops and you will see the evidence of this in your energy bill. There’s also the fact that it will only be heating a small area, meaning you’ll be spending a fair amount without much reward (unless you’re standing next to it!).

Where to find affordable trench heating grilles in the UK

If you’re looking for an affordable trench heating system or grille that’s high quality, durable and reliable, then look no further! At The Trench Grille Centre we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with a product that they can count on, without having to break the bank.

Our website is tailored to make the shopping experience as quick and easy as possible, offering a handy one-stop-shop for finding you the best new or replacement grille or trench heating. It could not be easier to find the best grille for your needs. Simply select the style and finish you desire and enter your dimensions in order to get a price. Then all you have to do is order and within 4-6 weeks your bespoke trench grille heating will be delivered and ready for installation. We can deliver to any UK address and even ship overseas upon special request.

We do recommend, however, that before placing your online order you chat with one of our friendly experts to discuss your requirements before committing. In this way we can ensure we’re providing you with the right service and equipment for your needs.

Even though our grilles are of incredible quality and are highly durable, as a ‘just in case’ measure, we also provide a manufacturer’s guarantee on all of our grilles. Although this varies from supplier to supplier, it’s typically a minimum of 5 years on all manufacturer’s defects, giving you peace of mind.

Final thoughts on trench heating costs

In summary, when evaluating the decision to install a trench heating system, it’s essential to take into account the initial costs. However, it’s worth noting that despite these initial expenses, the benefits of such a system can significantly outweigh the heating costs. Trench heating systems are cost-effective to operate, efficiently warm your space, and, notably, create more room on your walls by eliminating the need for a radiator.

You also have a choice of aesthetics in terms of grilles, meaning you can find the perfect look for your space, whilst secure in the knowledge that you’re buying a quality product. Trench heating is also available on our sister site: The Radiator Centre. For any further questions on our trench grilles, take a look at our FAQs page or get in contact with us via phone or email today!

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How much does an hour of heating cost?

The cost of heating per hour depends on several factors, including the type of heating system, fuel prices, insulation, and the size of the space being heated.

How much does it cost to run underfloor heating?

Running underfloor heating can vary in cost depending on the type of system (hydronic or electric), the size of the area being heated, energy prices, and the desired temperature settings.

Do heated floors use a lot of electricity?

Heated floors can use more electricity compared to traditional heating systems like radiators, especially if they’re electrically powered. However, they can be more energy-efficient due to their ability to provide even heat distribution.

Can you put heated floors on concrete?

Yes, heated floors can be installed on concrete. Concrete is a common substrate for underfloor heating systems, providing excellent thermal mass for heat retention.

Can you leave heated floors on all the time?

While underfloor heating systems can be left on continuously, it’s generally recommended to use programmable thermostats to regulate temperature and energy consumption efficiently, ensuring comfort when needed while minimizing costs during unoccupied periods.

How adaptable is trench heating?

Trench heating is remarkably adaptable and can function alongside other heat sources like radiators or operate independently. It can be seamlessly integrated into both commercial and domestic buildings, offering versatility in heating solutions.

What factors affect the cost of a trench heating system?

Several factors affect the cost of a trench heating system, including the number of rooms, room sizes, choice of grille type, dimensions of the grille, and the preferred heating system model. Installation time is also crucial, especially for commercial spaces.

Why is the type and style of grille important in trench heating systems?

The type and style of the grille are important because they remain visible once the system is operational. Aesthetics are vital, and durable materials like wood, stainless steel, and natural aluminium are recommended for longevity.

How can I estimate the cost of a trench heating system accurately?

Using a heating cost calculator can provide a more precise estimate based on specific requirements and preferences, including room size, grille type, and heating system model.

What is the average price range for trench heating systems?

The average price of trench heating systems varies greatly depending on factors like room size and grille type. At The Radiator Centre, prices start at £646.50 (incl. VAT), with grille prices ranging from £249.60 to £483.60, depending on the type and material.

How does trench heating compare to alternative heating systems in terms of cost?

Trench heating offers a worthy return on investment due to its energy efficiency, rapid heating capabilities, and ability to distribute heat evenly. It is more economical to run compared to traditional radiators and significantly outperforms plug-in electrical heaters in terms of efficiency.

Where can I find affordable trench heating grilles in the United Kingdom?

The Trench Grille Centre offers high-quality, durable, and reliable trench heating grilles at affordable prices. Customers can easily find suitable grilles on their website, with options for customisation and delivery to any UK address.

Is there a warranty for trench heating grilles?

Yes, most trench heating grilles come with a manufacturer’s guarantee, typically lasting a minimum of 5 years and covering any defects. This provides customers with peace of mind regarding the durability and quality of the product.

What are the benefits of trench heating systems beyond cost considerations?

Beyond cost considerations, trench heating systems create more room on walls by eliminating the need for radiators, offer aesthetic choices with various grille options, and efficiently heat spaces while combating draughts, making rooms feel cosy and comfortable.

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