Chase Away the Chill: Tips and Tricks for Effective Summer House Heating

6 June 2024 Cariad Marketing

Summer houses are great when we actually have a proper summer’s day. Unfortunately, for most of the year the days when we can use them without the benefit of additional heat are few and far between. Therefore, if you want to make the most of your summer house during the colder months – maybe use it as your home office – you’ll need to install additional heating to chase away the chill.

There are a number of heating options for your garden building which we will explore in this blog.

Wood burning stove

Wood burners and wood burning stoves are a lovely option with a rustic feel, but require a lot of work, especially cleaning the stove the next morning! And even if you’re only planning to use them occasionally, you need to be aware they may be subject to rules and regulations in the UK, with potential fines for using one in a smoke control area.

Portable gas heaters and electrical heaters

An alternative to a log burning stove is to use a portable gas heater. However, they are large, heavy, and unattractive. They use bottled gas which could be a problem as the bottles are heavy to move around. They will also run out regularly, so if you don’t want to end up cold when one runs out, you’ll need to find somewhere to store a spare.

As long as your summer house has an electricity supply, you can always be warm. There are many options for free standing electric heaters, from the cheap and widely available convection heaters, fan heaters, oil-filled radiators, infrared heaters, or halogen heaters.

Summer houses tend to be small spaces, so the main problem with standalone heaters is that they will probably be placed in the middle of the room, dominating the space.

They also detract from the aesthetics. Why go to all the trouble of creating a beautiful room at the bottom of your garden when you have to spoil the look by placing a – let’s face it – ugly heater in the middle of it.

Electric radiators

One alternative is to invest in a high end designer electric radiator that aesthetically would be more in keeping with the summer house décor. An electric radiator will have a timer – or some can be controlled remotely – which will help you stay warm when you’re using your summer house, but is easy to turn off when you’re not using it. Wall mounted mirror radiators come in electric versions and work particularly well with garden buildings as they reflect the light at the same time as bringing the beauty of your garden indoors.

Underfloor heating

Installing underfloor heating involves placing heating cables under the entire floor, which makes the initial costs quite high. It also means the floor will need to be taken up again if something goes wrong and needs fixing. However, it is an energy efficient way to heat your garden room. Underfloor heating does take a while to heat up, so you’ll need to schedule it to come on before you’re planning to use the room.

Trench heating

Trench heating is relatively straightforward to install and is particularly effective if your garden room has large patio doors or bifold doors. A small trench will be dug beside the glass, into which the heating element will be installed. The trench is then covered with decorative grilles that are level with the floor, allowing the heat to get into the room without getting in anyone’s way.

Trench heating is an effective heating solution because it draws cold air into the trench, where it’s heated by the element. The hot air then rises into the room by convection, distributing the warmth efficiently and evenly through the room, as well as providing a ‘curtain’ of heat that prevents the chilly air from coming into the room through the windows or open doorway. The advantages are that it is easy to install, economical to run, energy efficient, and low maintenance. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and the grilles can be easily fitted and changed.

Trench grilles

We stock a wide range of attractive trench grilles in a variety of materials, so we’ll always have something that matches your garden room. Whether you opt for wood, steel or aluminium grilles, they are all tough and durable – so much so, they’re guaranteed for 7 years.

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